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The ATOM suite of products were developed by Intelligent Concepts to simplify a critical but often neglected aspect of an Australian legal practice. The ATOM suite is simple to set up, cost effective and intuitive.
ATOM offers cloud based, integrated accounting, payroll, document management and storage.

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  • ATOM Provides
    • Cloud accounting & payroll
    • Document management
    • Document & file storage
    • Client and matter database management
    • Bank reconciliations for multiple accounts
    • Safe custody register
    • Controlled money
  • Office Account Management
    • Time recording (both incremental and fixed fees)
    • Disbursements
    • Sundries
    • Invoicing
  • General Account Management
    • General office payments
    • General office receipts
    • General office journals
  • Trust Account Management
    • Interim and monthly reporting
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Receipts and banking
    • Payments
    • Journals
    • Controlled money management
  • Financial Reporting
    • Income Statement (Profit and Loss)
    • Balance Sheet
    • GST

ATOM Offers

Online Access

ATOM is an online system, so as long as you have internet access you can login and start. No more hardware specifications or compatibility dramas.

Automatic updates

When we enhance the functionality of ATOM you are automatically provided with the latest version. No added costs for upgrades and new versions, no downtime trying to work out how to update your system. Updates are seamless and usually done while you sleep.

Daily Backups

All your data is stored on our secure designated server. This means that if you experience any type of technical failure your data is safe. No more costs for backup tapes, backup drives and ensuring your backups are actually working each day.

Intuitive Features

We have made it simple. ATOM is easy to use and navigate. Training and support is provided online and at your convenience.

Law Society Certified

You can feel secure in the knowledge that your data is compliant.