Management Accounting

Management Accounting drives decision-making. In small businesses, Management Accounting is all about gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, to manage performance, business viability and sustainability.

As a business owner or manager, it’s critical to view your accounting system as a real-time tool for fine tuning daily operations and improving responsiveness to market trends and customer needs. Management accounting shouldn’t take a passive role in your business, but a proactive role in strategic and day to day management decisions.

Making informed decisions in business is critical. Especially small business where resources are minimal and time is precious. We can help you balance accounting and business building skills to help you make informed decisions with the development of new product costing, operations research, business driver metrics, sales management, and client profitability analysis.

Preparation of financial statements is the tip of the iceberg - it is how they are interpreted that can add real value to your business. Intelligent Concepts can provide you with value added management accounting service.

We offer pro-active interpretation and advice, highlighting trends, ratios and key indicators, with detailed analyses in terms you can understand.

Intelligent Concepts can assist with the analysis of your actual results against cash and budgeted position, or with the establishment of cashflows and budgets. This detailed knowledge will enable us to assist you further in your analysis of the future direction of your business, new proposals, financing and other business issues.