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With so many areas of your business to manage and operate, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Intelligent Concepts understands that small business owners are experts in their field but when their time is utilised in other areas of their business the ability to maximise revenue becomes capped.
Intelligent Concepts provides products and services to small business allowing business owners to do what they do best.
At Intelligent Concepts we understand people, business and situations are unique. As a result we aim to provide timely, accurate solutions tailored to suit individual needs. We will work alongside you with the objective of not only solving problems that are current, but anticipating and addressing future problems enabling you to reach your financial goals sooner.

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  • We are both qualified and experienced in small business concepts and understand the need for professional and strategic advice and solutions.

    Lyndall Noonan Operations Manager
  • In October 2011, my company unerwent some drastic changes. Due to the complete change of management structures, I required the expertise of an experienced business consultant with a sound track record. I immediately thought of Lyndall Noonan with whom I have worked in the past. Strategy and solutions were essential as well as a prodigious work ethic. Lyndall has all of these qualities in abundance.

    Martin Ricci - Solicitor The Law Practice

  • When we re-launched our business, we urgently needed a website. Intelligent Concepts worked tirelessly to provide us with the best website in our industry in just one week.


Our Services

Business start-up

From business idea to actually starting up your first business is often daunting. But that’s the easy part. What comes next is often the most challenging and sadly...

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Feasibility Studies

Statistics show that approximately 40% of new business fails in the initial year of establishment. In addition only 10% of ideas of these new establishments are...

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Business Planning

A business plan is critical to the success of any venture and is an indispensable management tool. Planning will help you improve efficiency, productivity...

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Marketing Plans

Planning is crucial for successful marketing. Clearly, in order to carry out marketing a business needs to have a plan that will assist it in achieving its...

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